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Mountain Rose Herbs: Herbs, Botanical, Essentials Oils & More

Mountain Rose Herbs: Herbs, Botanical, Essentials Oils & More

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Mountain Rose Herbs is an Oregon-based company that offers an incredible catalog of herbs, essential oils, and botanical products. They offer strong support to local farmers and believe sustainability is a forethought, not something the marketing department can use to sell stuff.


Mountain Rose Herbs was started in 1987 by founder Rosemary Gladstar. It began as a supply store for students of the California School of Herbal Studies but was later sold to current owner Rose Madrone in 1991.

Under the watchful eye of Madrone, Mountain Rose Herbs evolved from an in-home business, to developing key industry partnerships, to evolving to the beacon of admiration they are today.

The Mountain Rose Herbs catalog offers one of the most impressive selections of quality essential oils I’ve seen as well as many other products. Truly, they are an impressive company.

Sustainability & Responsible Agriculture

Sustainability is a buzzword many companies tarnish. A recycling program here, a solar panel there, and a few donations to third world farmers don’t equate to true dedication. Mountain Rose Herbs has no suck hokie attempts and is, in my opinion, a model company for sustainability. Among their practices include the following:

  • Zero Waste
  • Employee Health
  • Education
  • Charitable Giving
  • Water Conservation
  • Facility Design

For the past seven years, Mountain Rose Herbs has provided a Sustainability Report to publicly detail their efforts. This annual report provides a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes efforts that make Mountain Rose Herbs so easy to admire. In the video below, you can get an idea of how sustainability practices are echoed throughout their entire operations.


I’ve always felt that companies should be judged by more than the titles, awards, and certifications their products bear. These are important considerations but many traits of quality aren’t readily certifiable.

That said, Moutain Rose Herbs comes close to telling the whole tale by earning their products such certifications as Earth Kosher, Forest Grownand Salmon Safe.

Below are a few of the many product certifications earned found in the Mountain Rose Herbs’ catalog:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Project Non-GMO
  • PCO Forest Grown Verified
  • Fair Trade
  • Salmon-Safe

Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients

On the Mountain Rose Herbs’ sustainability page, they correctly note that most (if not all) herbs and spices at little risk of GMO contamination. After all, Burger King can’t squeeze much cooking oil from Rosemary, Thyme, or Mugwort.

Even with the relatively low risk, Mountain Rose Herbs takes an extra step and earns Project Non-GMO certifications for many of its products. While perhaps redundant in many cases, this still helps assure consumers of product quality.

One concern of the widespread use of GMO crops is the unforeseen influence on non-GMO crops. Non-GMO certification helps ensure farming practices are avoiding many such common risk factors associated with GMO use, proximity, and potential contamination.

In accordance with Organic certification regulations; any Mountain Rose Herbs products displaying the Certified Organic insignia are also free of GMO ingredients. Programs such as the USDA Certified Organic program requires growers to avoid certain agricultural practices such as irradiation, genetically-modified materials, and most commercial pesticides.


Herbal products are available online and can be purchase dirt cheap. In many cases, these products are the rough equivalent of dirt and, in some cases, may even contain contaminants or adulterated ingredients. Mountain Rose Herbs stands as a beacon within the herbs and botanicals industry for their quality and sustainable agricultural practices.

Mountain Rose Herbs is among the best essential oil brands on the market and also has a catalog full of other products to help support health and longevity. You may pay a few extra bucks for their products but in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers a wide range of sustainably-grown, certified organic, non-GMO herbs and botanicals. They are an excellent source of ingredients for cooking or using in botanical preparations meant for health purposes. This company continues to grow and expand its catalog with incredible products while maintaining its small-company style.
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