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About Us

About Us

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We’re strange, quirky, and hard to categorize. We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and don’t go galavanting around claiming there is.

Our mission is such:

  • To curate and share information to assist anyone in better understanding health and nutrition on a personal level.
  • We believe a one-on-one relationship with a medical professional is the single best tool available for anyone seeking better health.
  • To be open and transparent about how our website makes money.
  • To help people in similar circumstances connect and benefit from each other’s similar experiences.

To Share Curated Information

We live in an age of information overload. The Internet is invaluable to those of us seeking to better understand health and nutrition. The availability of scientific research provides incredible insight to anyone willing to invest the time required to digest it. That’s not always easy.

Our world is also full of false or misrepresented information that may cause harm or misunderstandings. This corruption is often at the hands of financial interests but may arise from any number of other influences. We work hard to provide information in an easily-digested format while being up-front about any bias we may have. We believe that’s the way it should work.

Scientific papers, periodicals, and deeply analytical information is vital to the scientific understanding of health and nutrition. It takes a special breed of person to develop a passion to read such information and simplify it for others. These special souls are the authors on our website. They work hard to provide the latest in health research in ways that are easy and entertaining to read. We believe learning should be fun.

We Don’t Provide Medical Advice

At times, it can be difficult to discuss medical research without it sounding like advice. Insights from these sources are best applied as tools in better understanding health on a personal level. What is true in the lab may not be true for you.

Only a health professional with access to an individual’s laboratory tests, patient history, and other information should recommend health or nutritional related actions. Maybe your doctor isn’t providing results. That means you should find a new doctor—not start using the Internet as your cyber doctor.

Article, stories, and insights found on our website may be authored by licensed health professionals. These individuals often have long careers in health-related fields and have worked with many patients. They may be someone’s doctor—but they aren’t your doctor.

Financial Transparency

Websites have to have money to operate. That money can be given or earned but must be present. There are many options for monetizing a website and we make use of several. Regardless of the methods, we choose we want to make you aware of them at all times. Below are some ways our website earns money:

Affiliate Links

These are links to products and services that we have hand-selected to include in the context of articles or reviews. If you click one of these links and make a purchase our website earns a small commission.

Native Advertising

The display ads you see on our website aren’t part of a public network such as Google Ads where anyone can bid. Advertisers must go through a vetting process before they’re allowed to display ads on our website. This includes CoA verifications, cGMP verification, and alignment with our core values.

Sponsored Articles/Advertorials

We offer qualified businesses the ability to post articles on our website. These are marked as such and will always clearly display the voice behind the message. We feel these offer a transparent means for trustworthy companies to share their message on our site.

Guest Posts

Some of the content on our website has been provided by authors other than those on our staff. These are people whom we feel can make a valuable contribution to our website. In some cases, particularly with longer articles, we may receive a fee to cover the cost of our editorial time. The author of any article will always be listed at the bottom to ensure you know where a perspective originates.

Sharing Stories & Experiences

The path to better health is long and arduous. We believe miraculous insights result when people get together and share stories of their struggles. We encourage all our readers to submit stories and accounts of their experiences in health.

Our website is not meant to be a forum or discussion board. Rather, we have chosen to limit stories to long-form formats similar to a blog post or an article. We feel this is the most effective way to present useful information on our website. Our editorial team will be happy to work with you should you wish to submit your story.