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om found my fitness rhonda patric

Found My Fitness

Longevity, Ketosis, SNPs, Cognitive Health, Nootropics, Nutrigenomics

Found My Fitness is a science-based survey of the latest breakthroughs in longevity and nutrition. Hosted by post-doctoral researcher Rhonda Patrick Ph.D., this show is anything but casual. Patrick helps educate listeners on topics ranging from mTor, AMPK, the benefits of sauna use, intermittent fasting, ketosis, and so much more.

Dr. Patrick is a rising star and thought leader in the natural health world. Before starting the Found My Fitness podcast, she herself was a popular guest on shows such as The Joe Rogan Experience and The Tim Ferriss Show. While Found My Fitness covers a wide range of topics, Patrick maintains a steady focus on the nutritional impacts on longevity, health implications of genetic mutation and expression, and ways to support and optimize cognitive health.

om dave asprey bulletproof radio

Bulletproof Radio

Peak Performance, Ketogenic Diet, Body + Mind, Holistic Health, Whole Food Nutrition

Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio is the Podcast expression of the whole foods, nutrition-based, the holistic approach taken by this founder’s Bulletproof supplement and nutrition company. Bulletproof radio offers a selection of episodes ranging in topics from business, creativity, biohacking, and modern breakthroughs in health-related research.

Bulletproof radio seeks to bring world-class people from all walks of life to help optimize performance at a holistic level—body, mind, spirit; nutrition, strength, health; charisma, creativity, intelligence. At over 700 episodes, Bulletproof Radio is one of the most popular and highest-quality health podcasts in the world today.

om ben greenfield fitness

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Fitness, Nutrition, Anti-aging, biohacking, nutrition, Interviews with Leading Health Pioneers

Been Greenfield MSc. brings his extensive personal experience and education to bear in his edgy, informative, and sometimes controversial health podcast Ben Greenfield Fitness. Ben’s energetic attitude and charisma make this show perfect for those looking to get energized and motivated to apply the latest insights from health and nutritional researchers to their lives.

Greenfield often interviews researchers, health practitioners, and pioneers from the health world. These long-format shows dive deeply into nuances ranging from ketogenic dieting, athletic nutritional performance, detoxification, and much much more. Greenfield is a NY-Times best-selling author and has been named among the world’s top 100 most influential health and fitness personalities.

dr ruscio radio podcast

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Function medicine, Latest Research, Thyroid Issues, Thyroid Issues, & Interviews

Dr. Ruscio, DNM, DC is a functional medicine practitioner and advocate who uses his Podcast as a forum to interview thought leaders and pioneering researchers in the field of alternative medicine. This podcast features a wide range of topics from SIBO, herbal remedies, gut health, thyroid health, and so much more!

Some episodes feature interviews with other pioneers within the alternative medical community. These in-depth discussions draw focus to breakthrough research, new understandings of old research, and helpful insights for anyone dealing with chronic health issues. Discussions can become technical at times but always summarize in friendly and applicable language.

om lyme ninja radio

Lyme Ninja Radio

Deep dives with World Renowned Professionals and Survivors of Lyme Disease

Lyme Ninja Radio is hosted by Mackay Rippey. LAc and daughter Aurora and features a massive collection of discussions with leading health professionals as well as Lyme disease survivors. Among the many topics, you’ll hear discussions on nutritional health, detoxification, supplementation, and breakthroughs in the fields of nutrigenomics.

The show has well over 200+ episodes and has something for anyone interested in better understanding their health. In addition to long-format interviews with health experts, LNR features discussions with people that have recovered from Lyme Disease, what they’ve learned, and their thoughts for others dealing with the complex multi-system disease

om revolution health radio

Revolution Health Radio

Functional medicine, natural remedies, food based medicine, integrative medicine, nutrition

Revolution Health Radio is the podcast championed by California-based functional practitioner Chris Kresser. This podcast features a wide range of topics including gut health, nutrition, and debunking common myths of mainstream medicine.

On RHR, you’ll discover in-depth, thought-provoking discussions between Kresser and other thought leaders within the world of natural health. While discussions may be technical at times, the overall tone of the show is one of accessibility and earnest information sharing. A must-listen for anyone focuses on improving their health through diet, lifestyle change, and natural medicine.

om mercola podcast

Take Control of Your Health w/Dr. Mercola

Natural Health, Professional Interviews, Ketogenic Diet, Fitness, Nutrition, Detox

Dr. Joseph Mercola brings his legendary natural health knowledge to full-steam in this podcast focused on all things health. Tune into this podcast for full-length, deep-dives into nuances of health, nutrition, detoxification, and everything in-between.

This podcast features topics like Vaccine Awareness, Ketogenic Dieting, the dangers of heavy metal toxicity, fasting, detoxing, and so much more. Dr. Mercola is often joined by world-renowned experts in the field of health to provide greater insight into human physiology and to help uncover the path for optimal health.