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Write for Us

  • Share your health story by contributing an article to our website in one of several different ways.
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We believe that the sharing of personal experiences and health know-how is an invaluable exchange of information. Our goal is to provide a platform for people to start and engage in meaningful discussions related to personalized health care.

Types of Contributors

We accept guest posts and contributions from qualifying authors. To understand what type of contributor account you qualify for read the information below.

Licensed Health Professionals

If you are a licensed health professional we’d love to hear what you have to say. Help people better understand the nuances of personalized health care by sharing a story, a professional opinion, or an interesting health-related find that you’ve made recently.

Researchers & Industry Positions

If you’ve got an extensive amount of knowledge in a health-related field, we’re interested in hearing from you as well. For your article to qualify, it must provide research-backed insights into a health-related interest. We do not allow articles from non-licensed individuals to discuss the treatment of any medical condition.

Bloggers & Readers

We believe that sharing personalized health stories is a great way to help find connections that would otherwise go un-noticed. We would be honored to publish a heartfelt and well-written story detailing a personal experience (positive or negative) you’ve had in dealing with your health. These stories can not discuss cures or treatments for other people and are only allowed to describe steps or actions you have taken as an individual.

Contributor Verification

All contributor content will be published under the contributing author’s name. The following is required for author verification:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (will not be displayed publicly unless you wish)
  • Photo clearly showing face
  • Link(s) to website and/or social media
  • Short author bio < 155 words

Article Guidelines

For your article to be approved for publishing it must meet the following guidelines:

Articles/Guest Posts

  • Specific to health and/or wellness
  • Must focus on a specific interest, not general tips
  • Cannot be too similar to existing content on our website
  • 800-1200+ Words
  • No offensive language
  • No images
  • Any discussion of health-related benefits must cite clinical research unless you yourself are a licensed health professional.
  • No links to non-authority sources without approval
  • Content may not be published anywhere else, in print or online.

Story Guidelines

A good story should clearly state what you were dealing with, how you approached it, your personal account of dealing with it, and how it affected you afterwards. Here are some examples of such stories:

  • Why you chose to take a supplement, how it felt before and after, and how your numbers may have changed.
  • Your experience with a new diet, why you chose that diet, any considerations you had to make to meet your personal needs, and how you feel having implemented that diet.
  • Steps you’ve taken to address genetic predispositions to certain diseases or nutritional concerns.
  • How implementing a more balanced diet has affected your energy and disposition

Stories can be specific or adjusted for broader audiences—the choice is yours. For your story to be published for others to read, it must follow these guidlines:

500+ words

Stories should be long enough to include the details that someone in a similar circumstance will be able to recognize that.

No Links

Links may not be included within the main story body. You will be given an authorship box in which your picture, name, social media, and website can be included. Stories are about connecting with others—not boosting your website’s SEO.

No Offensive Language

Stories will be made available to all our readers and therefore should refrain from using language that is likely to offend others. This includes profanity, racist statements, obscene statements, or exclusionary statements.

No Images

At this time, we’re not able to verify copyrights for user-submitted stories. We will select an image for your story based on the overall subject.

Download our Story Guidelines for more information:

Story Guidelines


To submit your story include the following in an email to

  1. Plain text version of your story in the body of the email (not an attachment)
  2. A URL link to an image we can use for your author picture
  3. Your preferred name
  4. Links to your social media
  5. Link to the homepage of your website (if applicable)
  6. Email (if desired, would be displayed publicly)


Before submitting your article, please email the editorial staff to authorize your contributor account. Send an email along with a statement of intent to